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Post  dbass on June 22nd 2009, 06:48

How are feature points awarded for position? is their points for qualifying or heat races?

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Post  CMcGahan33 on June 22nd 2009, 08:06

Here is a basic explaination of how points are awarded per race.

QUALIFYING - 1 Point for every car , if theres 9 cars, the first place qualifier gets 9 points, second gets 8, third gets 7, etc.

HEATS - 5 Points for every car, if there is 5 cars first place gets 25 Points.

Feature - 8 Points per car

Trophy Dash's as of 6/21/09 will no longer be held, but it was a 5 car race that awarded 1 point for every car you were ahead of, winner was taking 5 points, last place taking 1 point. The board of directors passed a vote to stop holding trophy dashs, as we were continually having to cancel heat races because of time constraints.

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