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Post  dbass on July 22nd 2009, 06:38

whats up with the clarion only reporting about racing when Charley Michels wins a race. I never see any articals about TCR when other win. Maybe we need to be pushin baseballs around the track to get more coverage.

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Post  CMcGahan33 on July 22nd 2009, 12:25

In my opinion the Clarion has done a pretty good job over the years of covering our races. They dont always run an article, but almost always post results. Our relationship and communication with the Clarion is something that we should improve.

I know that they like to get results the night of the race, and I dont usually get them online till about 3 or 4am after the race, sometimes not till the afternoon, so that makes it hard for them to get us in the sunday paper.

Overall they've always done us good, its not they're fault Charley wins.

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